Business Meetings (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) and Seminars
We believe in the highest level of hospitality and dazzling memorable events. Let us book any of your corporate events today. With over 8,500 square feet of space, Giovanni’s is the ideal venue to hold your corporate event. With the ability to partition off our rooms we can easily accommodate any sized group.


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Our beautiful and convenient state of the art facility is known for:
Outstanding quality | Impeccable service | Exceptional value

We are happy to provide breakfast, lunch or dinner for your event or simply rent the space to conduct your business. Conveniently located within minutes from Chicago Rockford Airport and off all the major highways, we have ample parking and are minutes from many local hotels.

We ask that your menu selections be made one month prior to your event. We are able to accommodate two entrée choices for groups not exceeding 150 people. When selecting more that one entrée, please arrange to provide place cards indicating the entrée selection for your guests.

All prices quoted in our menus are current, however they are subject to change thirty (30) days prior to the date of your event in order to adjust to changing market costs. Refer to your sales contract for details.

Food Guarantee
A preliminary count is to be reported two weeks prior to the event date. A minimum guarantee of your guests is to be reported no later than four business days prior to your event. You may continue to add to your count every day thereafter. If you are having more than one entrée for your event, a breakdown of the quantity of each entrée is to be given at the same time of your counts.

All events require a deposit in order to secure the function space on a definite basis. This deposit is credited to your account at the conclusion of your event. Deposits are non-refundable.

Number of Guests Deposit Amount

15-29 – $100
30-59 – $150
60-79 – $250
80-149 – $650
150+ – $1,500

Payment is due in full at the end of the event. Giovanni’s accepts cash, cashier’s checks, Visa®, MasterCard® and Discover®. Company checks must be pre-approved by Giovanni’s Accounting Office 3-business days prior to the event. Payment of the estimated bill is due one week prior to the event date on all wedding receptions.

Beverage Service
We will provide a portable bar and bartender for your event with 50 people or more. For smaller groups, we will provide cocktail service. Smaller groups may request a portable bar for a nominal fee of $50 per bartender.

You may choose one from the following selections:

Cash Bar
Your guests pay for their own drinks.

Tab Bar
You pay for your guests’ drinks.

Host Bar
You pay by the hour based on the guaranteed number of guests and specified period of time.
Please see the Giovanni’s “Beverage Service” sheet for more information. In addition to a portable bar, you may serve beer on tap at your event. We also offer a selection of fine wine and champagne for your dinner or toast.

Room Charges
Room charges are often waived. However, a room charge is applied to functions booked longer than a meal period, with exceptions for wedding receptions. Functions extending past the booked departure time will have a staff charge applied. A room charge will be applied to any events that do not permit bar service.

AED Program
Giovanni’s is the first restaurant in the Rockford area to have an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) on site with trained personnel. According to the American Heart Association, someone who suffers a heart attack with ventricular fibrillation stands a significant increase in the chance of survival with an AED and trained personnel on site, because the chance of survival would otherwise decrease 10% every minute that passes without the benefit of this device. Giovanni’s is committed to be a Heart-Friendly Establishment.

Wireless High-Speed Internet Access
Giovanni’s offers “WiFi Hot Spots” for your internet access needs, located in Big Al’s Bar, Dining Room, Corporate Rooms and the Ballrooms. All you need is a Wi-Fi (802.11.a /802.11.b / or 802.11.g) device and you are ready to blaze through the internet.

High-Speed Internet Access
Whether you are checking your e-mail or hosting an online presentation, Giovanni’s offers High-Speed Wireless Internet Access (Gio-Mobile). There are several “Hot Spots” located within Giovanni’s. These “Hot Spots” eliminate your search for jacks and dial-up service. Gio-Mobile provides you an opportunity to stay connected to the internet or the home office. This service keeps you connected at speeds up to 50 times faster than dial-up internet connections. With the convenience of a high-speed internet connection, you’ll find many uses that Gio-Mobile service provides, such as checking your e-mail, downloading that file you need for your meeting, surf the Web, watch a live web cast, listen to streaming audio or get work done in the comfort of Giovanni’s and Big Al’s.

What do you need to get connected?
A notebook or PDA with a Wi-Fi (802.11.a /802.11.b /802.11.g) wireless card. THAT’S IT!

Telephone Line – Analog
An analog telephone line (access fee applies) can be provided in your room for your event. You may bring in your own equipment to be used on this line (e.g. credit card terminal, telephone, modem). Since this is a straight analog line, your equipment should just dial the telephone number without dialing an access number (“9”) first. If the telephone number you are dialing is a toll call, you must use a calling card.

The modem settings for a straight call through are:
° To Access an Outside Line
° For Local Calls – box unchecked
° For Long Distance Calls – box unchecked
° To Disable Call Waiting – box unchecked
° For Long Distance Calls, the “Use this Calling Card” box must be completed with calling card information and the box must be checked.

Credit Card Terminal
An analog telephone line (access fee applies) can be provided in your room to use with your Credit Card Terminal. Since this is a straight analog line, your equipment should just dial the telephone number without dialing an access number (“9”) first. If the telephone number you are dialing is a toll call, you must use a calling card.
NOTE: Your terminal settings must be verified and tested prior to bringing to Giovanni’s for use at your event.

Internet Connection
Giovanni’s offers broadband internet connection via wireless access point (access fee applies) available for your event. Once you have ordered this service, a “Key Code” will be issued to you for use on your equipment to access this service on the day of your event.

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